Scientists Have Feelings Too

by Blind The Thief

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Another DIY release from the Thief's Dungeon.


released June 14, 2014

Blind the Thief operates through his minions;

Benny Benzo on guitar and keys,
Oded on drums,
Tuna on words and guitar,
Zinc on bass and beats.

Thanks to Seth Pearson for help with album art and for being more into our music than anyone else is.
Photo cred: Charles Deven Osteen
Molly Gunther threw down some vocals, listen to more of her here:

"Thank you, tree. Thank you, Eugene."



all rights reserved


Blind The Thief Portland, Oregon

Surreal. Skateboarding. Also, video games.

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Track Name: Maiden
It turns out the maiden was a monster
And maybe I shouldn't have loved her
But it turns out the maiden was a monster
And I gave all of my love to her

I don't want to look, but I can't see
And the lack of option, it's killing me
'Cause it turns out the maiden was a monster
And I gave all of my love to her

Then she turned back into a maiden sayin'
I'll never leave you again
Track Name: In Retreat
I feel so incomplete
With all these caring faces in retreat
And now that I've forgotten
How to turn these tears to ink
I'll drink another beer
Then I'll fall asleep

If the water wasn't murky
I'd be afraid to swim
'Cause it's what you see
That does you in
And now that I've forgotten
Why I shave my face
I'll stare into this mirror
Envisioning happy days

All the gods
In their heavenly thrones
They all sing me songs
That don't use tones
And now that I've forgotten
The right way to pray
I'll sit here real quiet
Until God has something to say

Do you have something to say?
Track Name: Sound Is Not Allowed
I know I've been no friend
I know that things must come to an end
When you see me with tears on my face
It is your place that I would like to chase
When I speak, you'll understand
I know that things must come to an end

The girl is dancing, the music's loud
But I cannot find my place in what the host will allow
I know I can't fight alone
But the beauty of this place it kept on sending me home
Screaming, I'll try to make a sound
But you can't make a sound
Not when your sound is not allowed

It's too loud, and they don't want you around
You're too loud
Track Name: Drained (Mentally, Temporarily)
I can't tell you where I've been today
If I did I might float away
And do as the muse insists,
Between my ears this calming emptiness

Everything fades away
On this roller coaster of decay
But please don't leave me here this way
I'm drained, but you feel okay

Yeah, I'm drained, but talk anyway
I'll be normal again, someday
But today, I got nothing to say
Track Name: In The Sandbox
Freedom from the chains you're calling
I see metal gates unwinding
Have you sung the streets so sweetly?
God's blood is no kind offering

In the sandbox, children laughing
Wheels beneath me echo gladly
Devil's laughing, Jesus grinning
Hear the universe reclining

Get back
Track Name: Room Full of Masks
Oh my dear sister, tell me you love her
Tell me you think that she's the most beautiful thing
With her cigarette hanging and that cold face of night glaring
I am afraid of nothing, so full and sitting
In the arms of our father, wrestling the mother
I have found another deep in the armchair where
I never lost nothing, I'm waiting now for young hearts to ring
Isn't that how it's supposed to be when you're dancing?
No meaning in life

Oh my fighting friend, I know that you can conquer them
'Cause everyone descends from high thrones when you send
All those pleasing sighs, spewing from your eyes
The hands tied to your mind are glad that you have been so kind

Now you're in the book that no one is reading
And you tore out the page where there once was a treaty
That allowed passivity to undermine heartstrings
But that makes you and I one in the same
I can't sit still with all this heat in my brain
Did you notice the way I stare when you laugh?
It's a genuine face, a room full of masks
Track Name: Dream #4
A girl I once loved was skating outside my door
When she fell I ran, I held her inside my arms
She said, "Who are you with?"
I said, "I don't know who I am."
I then she disintegrated right out of my hand
And I said...

Ed was talking, he was talking all day
And drinking Coca-Cola outside of Burger King
He said, "Coke is the best, and you are the worst,
And love is only true when it is something that hurts."
And I said...

I was smoking weed with a buddy named Ben
He used to buy me beer, but now I buy it for him
His house was rotting, it was falling apart
But sometimes something dirty is the nearest to your heart
And I said...

Sitting here right now, I wonder what it all could mean
There's all of these people in all of these scenes
Perhaps the answer is that, despite all the strife,
All we do is play a role in someone else's life
And I said...

Fall is coming, as it does each year
Summer's last stand whispers softly in my ear
I think of a love who has thrown me away
I still miss her more, each and every day
Since she said...

Kirk was smiling, his teeth stained with wine
He asked me to introduce him to a friend of mine
They hit it off, but soon he tapped me on the shoulder
Saying, "I've drained this bottle and I'm back for another."
And I said...

A friend of a friend, who I don't like too much
He grabbed onto me, and he cried at my touch
He said, "I feel the loneliness in my existence
And I feel the emptiness in my resistance."
And I said...

Sitting here right now...
Track Name: Looking Down
I'm looking down at people
Each one passing me by
It's as if no one cares
But then who the hell am I?
I've read in all your holy books
That someone takes the lead
Someone fights the battle
While another succumbs to greed
But I feel like that leaves out
All the people like me and her
Confusion's not an adjective
But it's the closest word
And beauty's not the same
Without her by my side
But the view, it still is pretty
So I'll take it all in stride

I'm looking down at people
For my friends who were coming today
Maybe they've found something better
They all have gone away
So I'm staring at my hand
Where there once lay a golden fist
But now that fist has dissipated into a lonely mist
I am left alone; I'm the only one
A beauty seen in solitude is a beauty seen by none
I can take a picture of this knowing in my head
But all these beautiful thoughts will die once I am dead
Track Name: Umbrella Fortress
Hands held, ice skating
Do you feel the earth shaking?
I am not transparent

Side by side before Her glory
Unholy testimony
In the rain, I hear it

With their mantras
And their dances
Umbrella fortress

You wait for the bus
Let desire rust
You wait for the bus