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by Blind The Thief

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We made this in our living room.

"I never cease to be dazzled and perplexed by the 2 very very different sides of Blind The Thief. On one hand, the live show, they are pure joy-driven, hooks-for-days, goddamned good-times, indie-pop. On the other hand, are their recordings, which are psychedelic sojourns into the mind of a band obviously quite serious about experimentation, noise-art, and defying the perceived limitations and boundaries of rock music. This is not an overwhelmingly difficult listen, but it does demand your attention, and may not be very rewarding for a passing listen. It does, however, have a warmth about it, that seems to sink its hooks in somewhere in the middle of "...And Fear Is All Around Us," carrying through to the end of closer, "So Long, Lord Jabu-Jabu," which is the stand out, head-nodder of this 4-track EP." -Exiled In Eugene


released December 15, 2013

*We sampled some sentences from Reggie Watts' TED Talk. Watch his brilliance, sans effects, here:



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Blind The Thief Portland, Oregon

Surreal. Skateboarding. Also, video games.

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Track Name: Smile Stretches
Did you offer up your heart
Just to have it all fall apart?
And I bet you didn't see it coming
When she said that she was sorry
And I bet you tried to copy her smile
When she told you it would take a while
To shift through all this bullshit
And figure out which parts of life were worth it

Smile wide and breathe deep
Little soldiers in retreat
Stopping by the riverside
Exhale sweet, mind's defeat
But this pain you claim is out of order
You're just too adorably sober
But when you tilt your bottle to greet a foggy mirror
I hope your smile stretches and becomes clearer

Rotten fruit, clenched fist
Hollowing emptiness

Squeeze out the sides and down your mouth
It always was warmer south
Wander weary, our burden's treasure
Worship the womb bearing our pleasure

Rotten fruit, clenched fist
I hope to tame the deep abyss
Rotten fruit, my clenching fist
I am done with all this shit

Shredded loins of lovers lost
We'll burn the pyre in the mall's parking lot

And I deserve this darkness in which I am living
Because subtle truths, they always seemed most fitting
Never overwhelm the fate, I may say whispering
But if you're smart you probably wouldn't listen to me
Track Name: Lines In A Row
It's progression man, it's beautiful, it's constantly pushing the limits of tempo, and time-signature, and abrasiveness... it's continually out-dating itself before it's even finished cause every band wants to do it louder, or faster, or heavier, as soon as their done with their latest... No ending, no beginning, just a bunch of pissed off assholes who think they've drawn the perfect sphere, laughing at the shaky lines on everyone else's page, god's never content man.

Perfection doesn't settle

Please believe me when I say
Everything will be okay
Find yourself in the warm glow
Prayer candle lines in a row
Unholy Mystery
Unfold before me

This is the secret right here
The beauty in the sky
The quiet in my pleading mind's eye

Leaning against the wall
Disobeying every order that was called
Clinging for dear life to your menthol
Fuck, did they see us duck down this hall?

Sitting below the stairs
We shook all of society's cares
Stacking up every single chair
Until we were high enough to believe that no one else was there
Track Name: ...And Fear Is All Around Us
No ghost, no god

Day stretches its might
Into final moments of light
I watch sun sink
And buildings speed by
Beauty is perfected
Just before it dies
Track Name: So Long, Lord Jabu-Jabu
When did you become so blind
To the nothing in your mind
And the bleeding mankind?

Could there be such a thing as winning
When your words have lost all meaning
And this weather outside is fucking freezing?

And look at you now, you've shaken your addiction
But was it really her that you were missing,
And what's your life like now without your distraction?

What can be real, outside your head?
Haven't believed a word I've said
But I hope your truth is worth it
You're so alone

And I don't wanna be alone